Thank you for raising your hands for anaphylaxis awareness

Raise Your HandThe ‘Raise Your Hand For Anaphylaxis Awareness‘ campaign, which ran in Summer 2014/2015, was an enormous success. Participants were asked to virtually raise their hands online to show support for people in their community who suffer from anaphylaxis.

We were amazed to watch the online and radio campaign inspire a huge effort from over 1,000 schools across Australia. So thank you for all your enthusiasm in taking part. The participating schools made an enormous contribution to anaphylaxis awareness, and we hope that we have been able to generate some positive support for those living with allergies and anaphylaxis within our communities.

We are delighted to announce that after a concerted effort:

215,514 hands were raised
For over 1,000 schools across Australia

Congratulations go to our winners for a fantastic effort:

  • $10,000 educational grant went to Laurimar Primary School for raising 51,535 hands 
  • $5,000 runner’s up educational grant went to Dingley Primary School for raising 51,492 hands

In 2016 our awareness campaign draws attention to the importance of letting those around you – such as friends, family and colleagues – know about your allergies. We all know that sometimes life happens and you just can’t avoid your allergy trigger. Being prepared is important, and talking to those close to you about how they can help in an emergency is a great way to help yourself be prepared!